2020 Edition Surf Dog Training Manual and Self Study Guide
for Surf & SUP Instructors and Coaches

Thank you for your interest in the NSSIA Surf Dog Instructor certificaton program. This course was created by Jill Nakano, Long Time Surf Dog Trainer and Competitor, Ryan Rustin, Long Time Surf Dog Trainer and Competitor, and Dr. Bruce Gabrielson, AKC Licensed Field Trial Judge and Surf Dog Judge.

For those of you who are certified NSSIA surf instructors, completion of the additional surf dog self-study program, will provisionally certify you to be a surf dog instructor. If you are not already certified by NSSIA as a surf instructor, for this surf dog certification, you are expected to attend and complete, an on the beach training session when it is offered in your area, and the additional online Dog self study program. You must first complete the self-study program and return the exam and a signed NSSIA waiver before you can be scheduled for the beach surf dog training sessions. Below are modules required for a surf dog certification. The self study exam for this certification will be emailed to you. You will have 6 months to complete the self study.

Upon completion of the self study, you are provisionally certified. You are expected to attend and complete the formal online NSSIA Training Course and course exam when the self study is received. There is an additional $50 fee required for the final class and exam.

Membership cards are issued upon receipt of annual dues ($25 due January 1) for annual reaffirming of continuing experience as a Surf Dog Instructor. Annual reaffirming is required to meet the ISO annual audit requirement.

Please note that this course is copyrighted and for your use only. Do not pass it along to other potential instructors without receiving written permission from the NSSIA.

Note that self study exam questions may be drawn from all sections.

  • Chapter 1 History of Dog Surfing

  • Chapter 2 The Basics

  • Chapter 3 Equipment

  • Chapter 4 Intermediate-Advanced Approach

  • Chapter 5 Standard Methods of Surf Dog Training

  • Chapter 6 Additional Methods of Surf Dog Training

  • Chapter 7 Contest and other Fun Stuff

  • Chapter 8 Surf Dog Judging Crteria

  • Chapter 9 Surf Dog SUP

  • Chapter 10 Surf Dog Animal Cruelty
    AKC Proper Care and Humaine Treatment of Dogs
    AKC Use of Dogs in Sporting Competitions
    PETA Cruel Sports

  • Surf Dog Lesson Plan

  • Surf Dog Mat Training

  • AKC - Shap Training

  • AKC - Drinking Salt Water

  • AKC - Capture Proper Behavior

  • Off Leash Beaches in California
  • Good Luck!!!

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