NSSIA Tested and Endorsed Products

NSSIA Endorsed Product

Think your surf related product can hold up under the demanding pressure of a surf school. Where else can you find a serious evaluation and endorsement by a large group of professional non-sponsored testers? The NSSIA is the UAL of the Surf School Industry.

Surf schools buy a ;lot of products. Interested manufacturers wishing our endorsement or potential sponsors should read our endorsement policy requirements before contacting us.

If you decide, here is an application for our inexpensive testing and endorsement program.

Board Meeting's Kaohi Grip Leash

The Kaohi Grip Leash

The Kaohi Grip Leash offers significant bord handling abilities for an instructor giving a lesson.

Stormblade Soft Top Baords

Stormblade Soft Top Baords

NSSIA has tested and endorses Stormblade Soft Top Baords.

John M. Glover Insurance Agency Cornerstone Sports Insurance Hawaii

The insurance company providing superior coverage and exclusive special rates for NSSIA certified instructors and accredited schools.


Surfing and SUP Lesson Site

The web site where you can locate a great surf or SUP instructor in your area.

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