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Surf and SUP School Accreditation
Annual renewals for both school and instructors are due beginning January 1st.
With your renewal you will receive our study material for training your employees and a NSSIA window sticker. If you also order our NSSIA instructors T-shirt at the same time, there is no shipping cost. Be sure to fill out and sign the renewal application.
Initial or Renewal Application for Surf or SUP School Accreditation
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NSSIA Accredited Educational and Lifeguard Sponsored Organizations
The requesting organization submits the NSSIA application along with biographies attesting to the experience of their instructors. All instructors are CPR certified. Such organizations also be identified as non-profit public entities and will have current insurance coverage. Organizations meeting this criteria do not require a NSSIA certified instructor on staff to be a NSSIA accredited organization.
NSSIA Accredited Commercial Surf Schools and Business Sponsored Lessons
For a surf or SUP school or business to be NSSIA accredited, it must have been providing advertising to the public and providing group and individual lessons for at least a season or have a contract with a city or state beach. The school/business submits their application and supporting information to NSSIA validating that they have a business license and an individual with a current CPR certificate on staff. The individual in charge of running the classes and instructing prior to entering the water must be NSSIA certified. Additional instructors in the water do not require certification.
NSSIA Accreditation/Certification Web Listing
Upon instructor certification or school accreditation, NSSIA will list the certification or accreditation as an officially approved NSSIA resource for surfing instruction. We only request that the state issues the business license. No US school will be accredited without a business license. However, this license can be either for a surf school or for a business such as a surf shop or beach hotel that would traditionally offer surf lessons.
Accreditation for Small Surf Schools

For schools with 3 or fewer instructors, accreditation will be awarded so long as all instructors are certified by the NSSIA at any level. This is a provisional accreditation that must be re-evaluated on a yearly basis to ensure continued instructor certification is in effect.

Certification Training Camps
To waive the previous surf/SUP instructor experience requirement for certification, a candidate can opt to attend a surf/SUP instructor certification training camp.
NSSIA Surf School Insurance
All schools receiving final NSSIA accreditation will be able to take advantage of our NSSIA Cornerstone school insurance program.

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